Logistics & Delivery Times

Before placing an order, you should understand our logistics and delivery times:
  • All the products of our store, are in stock.
  • However, the delivery time varies from article to article and this is directly related to the fact that we are, probably, the cheapest jewelery in Portugal.
  • Valores has 25 agencies throughout the country that, among other services, buy second hand gold to individuals.
  • Like most companies that provide this service, 99% of the gold purchased is destined for smelting, which means they are melted.
  • As a result, Valores decided to create this platform, where it places a large part of the items that it purchases daily.
  • And gave them the best price on the market.
  • However, as they are in second hand, Portuguese law obliges us to retain the articles for 20 working days after the purchase.
  • This means that although we have the articles on the platform, we can only deliver them to the client after this deadline.
  • This term varies from article to article because there are articles that are on the platform today that were bought from an individual 1 week ago, there are others that were bought 3 weeks ago, etc.
  • For example, those that were purchased 3 weeks ago, can be shipped in 1 week; those that were bought 2 weeks ago, can only be shipped in 2 weeks, etc.
  • The delivery date is always explicit on the page of each article.
  • We have articles that are available for immediate delivery and articles that can take one, two or three weeks to ship.
Did you know that Valores Outlet is, probably, the cheapest jewelery in Portugal? Although, depending on the item you buy, there is this "inconvenience" - that is the time elapsed between the date of purchase and the date of delivery - we have the great advantage of having the best price on the market. Do the math:

  • Check the weight of an item you like.
  • Then divide the price of that item by their weight (to calculate the value per gram).
  • Then go to a jewelery of your choice and do the same calculation.
  • And finally, compare!
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