1982 Gold Half Sovereign - Elizabeth II Decimal Head

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This is a Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign from 1982 with the Elizabeth II Decimal Head and the George Dragon design.
The half sovereign is an English and British gold coin with a face value half that of a sovereign: equivalent to half a pound sterling, ten shillings, or 120 old pence. Since the end of the gold standard, it has been issued only in limited quantities as a commemorative coin with a sale price and resale value far in excess of its face value. The main reason for this is because they are used, along with other coins of this type, as bullion coins.
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Made in United Kingdom
Fineness 22ct / 916‰
Measure Thickness: 0,99 mm | Diameter: 19,30 mm
Metal Yellow gold
Gemology N/A ou sintéticas
Available for delivery No
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